April 26, 2018

“Our little dog picked Dog Taxi Daycare himself. After spotting them at the dog beach, he ran up to them and wanted to join in the fun. When the pack moved out to play in the tide pools, our dog stared longingly after them. He was about nine months old. He had never shown so much interest in a group before.

With Dog Taxi Daycare, our dog gets SO excited every morning when the van comes. Most mornings he sits on the couch, watching out the front window. When the van pulls up, he vaults off the couch and races to the door. If he’s playing and can’t see out the window, he can distinguish the sound of the vans from other cars. He ALWAYS loves it, and adores the owners, John and Jorge.

Honestly, I’m not surprised about the negative reviews, since this service is so different from other companies. Dog Taxi Daycare does what’s best for dogs. That’s bound to be tougher to operate than a standard daycare or dog walking business.

John, the owner, definitely strikes me as more of a dog person than a people person. I mean that entirely as a compliment. I want a dog person looking after our dog, not an ad exec. John has a lot of insight into dog psychology, and has helped us understand our dog. From what I’ve seen over the past year and a half, everyone at Dog Taxi Daycare loves dogs and knows how to handle them.

Thanks to Dog Taxi Daycare, our dog is well socialized, fit and happy. He’s a great little guy. Dogs live such a short time – our breed has only 12-15 years on this earth. We feel privileged to have him in our family. He has brought us so much joy, and we feel he deserves the best we can provide him. To us, that’s Dog Taxi.

We also recommended them to a friend. Our friend’s dog was on meds for anxiety, and was nervous, yappy and aggressive (I hate to say that, but it’s true). Dog Taxi Daycare transformed him into a calm, relaxed, friendly dog – and no more meds.

I guess I’m gushing, but I believe wholeheartedly in this company.”