Private Training Lessons

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June 4, 2018
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May 27, 2018


Private Training Lessons:

Starting at: $100 per session
Training one to one sessions: $500+GST for 5 sessions 60 mins

We do agility training obedience training, heel training, behavioural troubleshooting and more.
At Dog Taxi Daycare & Hotel, all our doggie guests get a training refresh as part of their daily routine. This helps with their focus, obedience, and can even improve their health and lengthen their lifespan.
But if you need a little extra help understanding your best friend, we can work with you to make sure your dog is happy, mentally healthy and well behaved.
From simple commands and obedience to cracking aggression and anxiety issues, we cater to all types of dogs.
Feel like your dog is 'difficult' or 'unpredictable'? Don't worry, we can help :)
Book an assessment and training introduction today; we'll meet with you and your dog and go over the concerns you may have, and work out a plan for a happy dog and happy owner :)
Training Assessment and Intro Class (60 mins): $125