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About Dog Town Daycare, Hotel and Training

Meet the Team

We are a family-run, family-oriented team of dog lovers and experts.
With over 25 years combined experience on the team, we understand dogs and their needs. We are located in the heart of Mount Pleasant Vancouver and have a state of the art dog daycare facility with an amazing dog park attached!

Our Facility

12,000sft of indoor and outdoor space for your dog supervised by both cameras and caretakers 24-7, located between Olympic Village, Mount Pleasant and False Creek, we have the largest urban dog daycare and hotel in Vancouver.

Our Principles: Training in motion

We at DogTown believe that the health of your dog is reliant on psychological factors which are strongly influenced by the mind-body connection. A healthy mind will promote a healthy body in your dog.

Focus on such factors as proper socialization will allow your dog to self-exercise, whilst at play with other dogs in park situations or on the street. This is play behaviour has a vital effect in promoting the health of your dogs psychology. This social interaction is a vital part of the health not just of your dog, but directly influences the quality of relationship you possess with your dog. This in turn improves your mental outlook, your health and potentially society's health. This does not just mean trouble-shooting undesirable behaviour, but an understanding of flow and the release of physical tension in promoting the learning process and promoting excellent body-language, which will lead to your dog being an excellent social ambassador. There is much to be learned from animal behaviour in terms of the transactional psychology that governs the interplay between one single dog and one other dog. Social learning theory also plays a fundamental role in understanding pack behaviour and the way in which social behaviour is activated in regards to a dog following by example.

Socialization and "Puppeteering"

We are against the learning process in absence of distractions and in a quieted manner, since the best result for any client-owner is to possess a dog that will obey at-range and under significant distractions. We place an emphasis then on State Dependent Learning. Moreover, to quiet a dogs behaviour rather than redirecting its energy can easily lead to repression which is not easily detectable by the naked eye. The resulting habituation of increased physical tension, can lead to improper movement and in many cases, because your dog is not moving properly, this repression of their natural physical movement can promote injury.

From another dogs perspective, when tension is evident in the dog observed, this may stimulate undesirable behaviour during social interaction. Our techniques of socialization at DogTaxi centre around the principle that the only dog that you ever really have control over in an interactive socialization is the dog you are handling. This dog cannot be seen in exclusion however, but rather as a microcosm of the pack. Therefore the movements of the dog handled should be thought of by an owner/handler as like those of a puppet in relation to their effect on the other dogs. This communicative effect between dogs is as analagous to human language, however it varies between unconscious effect and conscious intent with less emphasis given to conscious intent in canine interaction than in spoken language, more like human body-language (or perhaps better yet like a dance). Unlike human body language, however a dogs body-language is the quintessential element in communication and the subtlety that is observed in their interactive behaviours is our raison d'etre.

Rather than shutting this body-language down, at DogTaxi we tend to encourage healthy interaction and promote interaction leading to play behaviour. In other words, the end goal that we seek at DogTaxi in our socializing of dogs is play behaviour. But not just play behaviour, but play behaviour that is ideal in its panacea effect on canine psychology.

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